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China Benzoic Acid Feed Grade

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Our History 
Based on 12 years chemical trading experience, Chemintel sets high standard of product choosing, manufacture auditing, quality control, transportation stability, speciality chemicals sourcing. We have a wide range of strong products, including Pharmaceuticals, Agro chemicals, Petrochemicals, Water treatment chemicals, Fine chemicals etc. We are honored that over 100 global retained companies constantly work with us and always give us praise to keep on advanced service. 
Chemintel is more than just a chemical supplier; we develop a go-to-market strategy and dedicated to: 
● Cloud storage of individual customer requirements to fasten the whole process 
● Search and study deep in whole industry chain which enhance the full market information 
● Ensure all shipped batch of goods are the safest and continue zero mistake record 
● Transparent manufacture information and up-to-date industry analysis 
● Cater to customized requirement and provide value-added services 
We have a passionate, smart, attentive team who care customer experience, bring value to customers and look for being better. We believe technology leads the industry innovation. Apart from fast response, competitive price, high quality control, we help you to grow business and we grow with you! 
Our Product 
Pharmaceuticals, Agro chemicals, Petrochemicals, Water treatment chemicals, Fine chemicals 
Our Service 
1) Fast Response 
Chemintel team is take fast action for customer experience. We guarantee to reply your email in less than 24 hours in working days. 
2) Global Sourcing 
We assist to source the suitable product based on our massive database. 
3) Production Management 
Safest chemical is our priority in production and we will update production duration to enable customers plan the stock accurately. 
4) Quality & Risk Management 
We ensure the high quality standard by industry-specific expertise and execute sample approval for every new business. 
5) Transportation Management 
We have long-term logistic partner to enhance the stability of transportation and well manage potential shipment risk with China Sinosure. 
6) Export & Import Management 
Rich experience to operate export & import document and meet relevant government department requirements. China Benzoic Acid Feed Grade

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