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China Solar Panel Roof Hook

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Fabmann is a professional manufacturer and supplier for the design, development and production of sheet metal fabrication parts. Fabmann's manufacturing unit is ISO9001 certified, and all of our production is made under strict production process control. All of Fabmann's deliveries are subjected to strict production control covering raw material, measurement, welding and surface treatment.
1. Introduction
Tile roof hooks are widely used in residential roofs for solar energy purpose, and Fabmann delivers a wide range of solar panel mounting brackets both in stainless steel and carbon steel with HDG surface.
Custom Tile Roof Hook
OEM Tile Roof Hook
China Tile Roof Hook
2. Advantage
1. Easy to install
2. Adjustable for all type of tile roofs
3. Thicker material for heavy duty purpose
4. Stainless steel material for better anti-corrosion performance
3. Specification
- Supplied with 3pcs of self-tapping screws
- Plate thickness from 3.5mm to 6mm
- Base plate length: 120-180mm
- Material: SS304, SS316, Carbon Steel with HDG surface
Fabmann produces OEM tile roof hooks for flat tile roof, stone coated steel roof, Spanish tile roof and other special roof, and we can also produce carbon steel roof hooks with hot dip galvanization surface treatment.
4. Application
The all tile roof hooks are specifically designed for residential solar energy purpose, and Fabmann supplies a full range of solar roof hooks both in stainless steel and carbon steel.
5. Service
Fabmann offers very competitive price covering the whole solar roof hook category, and we can deliver tile roof hooks within 30days.
6. Our Factory
Tile Roof Hook Manufacturers
Tile Roof Hook Suppliers
Tile Roof Hook Factory
Established in 1992, we have exported sheet metal and stamping parts to Australia, Canada, America, Europe and Japan. Under the Brand of Fabmann, we provide quality warranty for all of our sheet metal fabrication, welding fabrication and stamping parts with competitive price.
If you are interested in any of our tile roof hook or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.China Solar Panel Roof Hook

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