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Eyebrow Pencil And Powder manufacturers

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About us
With area of 60000 sqm,which combines R&D,production,warehouse and office all together , Duomei biological is a manufacture fully following the standard of GMPC and ISO.We also have R&D center covering 2000 sqm with 36 professional staff and formula database of 3500,which will bring the best service ranging from products research, planning and production for our customers.
Duomei biological is equipped with fully automatic production line covering 17000sqm and advanced production equipment like filling machine, printing machine, intelligent packing machine and fully intelligent mask filling machine with function of sealing. The area of our sterilized production shop covers 25000sqm,which also equipped with Rationalization Laboratory, MICRO BACTERIA LABORATORY, hot room,RO system,on exchange resin demineralizer,Automatic vertical sterilizer,Heat collection type magnetic heating stirrer,thermostat water bath.
One day lead time is designed specifically for VIP customers from Duomei , which means the production will be implemented within 24 hours after confirmation of the order and the delivery can be made within 12 hours afterwards;As a professional and intelligent manufacture Duomei can solve the problem of supply chain in package and logistic to assure fast production and delivery in the system.The professional supply chain team will make sure all the implementation and solve the problem of goods shortage.
The smart factory with high efficiency .
With fully Intelligent and automatic production line Duomei is following all the standard which can maximally guarantee the stability of each products.The application of JOHN DO system can trace each sector of production line and make sure the standard of the products.Eyebrow Pencil And Powder manufacturers

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