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Long Beach adopts strict regulations on e

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It makes sense for us to err on the side of public health."

Vendors of e-cigarettes have been vocal during the city's debate.

"Being able to vape in our shops, it's the blood of our business, for the consumer to be able to taste what they're going to get," said Michael Shaknovich, a Long Beach shop owner who at an earlier meeting had taken a drag off an e-cigarette while addressing the council.

Shaknovich says he checks identification for every person entering his shop to make sure they are older than 18 Carton Of Newport 100S, and only allows sampling of non-nicotine flavors Marlboro Cigarettes. He's not opposed to regulation Tobacco Shop, he says, but feels the city's rules go too far.

"I don't think it's worth us being guinea pigs to find out," he told The Times.

But despite the urging from vaping vendors, an amendment that would have allowed customers to sample products inside shops was voted down. Council members said it would have been impossible to enforce a rule that would mean trying to differentiate between nicotine-laced fumes and non-nicotine ones.

The city's regulations go even further than those adopted in Los Angeles because they do not allow exemptions for "vaping lounges Cigarette Tobacco For Sale."

They do, however, allow the use of e-cigarettes in existing cigar and smoking lounges; currently Newport Cigarettes Carton Price, only eight such lounges are allowed to operate in the city.

Designated outdoor areas at bars and restaurants where smoking is already allowed will also be open to vaping Marlboro Red Cigarettes.

Fines range from $100 for first-time violators to $500, and businesses found selling to minors could have their business licenses suspended or revoked.

"We've got to keep up with the times," said John Edmond, chief of staff to the ordinance's sponsor, Councilman Dee Andrews. "These devices are prolific … and the jury's still out on the actual health consequences to folks."
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