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Vacuum Sealer Rolls

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Recycled food saver vacuum sealer bag with texture/channels
Hot Sale Vacuum Texture Bag/roll film
Our external type vacuum appliances need embossed or sometimes called "channeled" vacuum bags or rolls. This is because almost all external type vacuum packers work in conjunction with the vacuum bag to create the maximum air extraction possible. Our bags and rolls have a criss-crossing effect on the inside of one side of the bag or roll to allow the pump to navigate the air through the bag or roll and at the same time hold a grip on the front end of the bag whilst pumping air through it. They are transparent bags which are remarkably resistant, do not allow oxygen to penetrate the film and guarantee excellent sealing results.
Different Materials available for option
1.Excellent raw material
2.PA/PE with longest shelf life
1. Be high puncture resistance and high isolation effective.
2. First-class barrier property against moisture, oxygen, light and puncturing.
3. Strong sealing strength, non-breakage, non-leakage.
4. Environment friendly material
5. Competitive price, large quantity discount.
Features include:
1. Bag design with crossed air venting ribs on both side of the bags for maximum air extraction.
2. Safely store foodstuffs for months at a time without damage from moisture or air before they lose flavors or go off.
3. Protection against freezer burn spoilage and odor.
4. Prevent silver and jewelry from tarnishing.
5. Safe for use for food packaging application.
6. Dish safe \boiling safe, frozen safe.
7. Stored food can be reheated by boiling right in the bag or in the microwave.
8. Bag thickness: 0.14 to 0.20mm at the ribbed area and average 0.10 ~ 0.12mm at
the flat areas.
9. Standard bag width:12CM,15CM,17CM, 20CM,22Cm,25CM,28CM,30CM and32CM; other width can be customized. can be in sheet bag form or bag roll packaging.Vacuum Sealer Rolls

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