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Veress Needle suppliers

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Product Overview
The Disposable Insufflation Needle is a sterile 2mm (14-gauge) stainless steel needle used to create pneumoperitoneum prior to laparoscopic surgery. The outer cannula consists of a beveled sharp needle to cut through tissues, while the spring-loaded inner stylet has a blunt tip to reduce inadvertent tissue damage. Double windows accelerate insufflation. Available in both 120 and 150mm lengths.
Other usual names: disposable veress needle
Main Features
鈥isible red penetration indicator.
鈥oud audible "click", when the tip of the needle penetrates through tissue.
Order Information
Ref #Working LengthsPacking
QFZ12Veress needle 120mm25 pcs/box
QFZ15Veress needle 150mm25 pcs/box
What else we can do?
鈭?OEM/ODM service
鈭?Custom packing upon request
鈭?Prompt response and active communication
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