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safe 'cigarette' may soon be up in smoke

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IT'S been years since smoking was cool, but neither that nor a ban on smoking in public buildings has stubbed out the habit Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. Electronic cigarettes might, if they aren't banned, and it's Nov 1, the day designated for quitting bad habits.

Invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, e-cigs use a battery to atomise a liquid solution and deliver a smoke-like vapour to the lungs of the user.

The users, or 'vapers', inhale a compound of propylene glycol - the base used in asthma inhalers - food flavouring and Newport Cigarettes Carton Price, optionally, nicotine, getting the throat hit and psychological fix of a cigarette without smoking. No tobacco is involved, nothing burns and the exhaled vapour is odourless - it doesn't smell of burnt leaves Cigarettes Online.

Vapers can flout the smoking ban - for now. E-cigs are popular with smokers tired of standing in the wind and rain on a night out Newport Cigarettes, and with smokers for whom other methods of quitting were unsatisfactory. Vaper Shane Dowling, from County Clare, previously smoked 40 cigarettes a day. "I started smoking 30 years ago, when I was nine Tobacco Shop. I tried everything to quit: patches, gum, Champix twice, willpower, and nothing worked," he says.

Vapers did, and Dowling organised Vapefest Ireland, a meet-up for vapers held in Abbeyleix in September. Three hundred attended and Dowling hopes it will go annual. "I can't stand the smell of being around smokers, my stomach turns," says Dowling.

Celebrities are vaping. Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, David Letterman, Dennis Quaid and Katherine Heigl have all been snapped vaping. As has Lindsay Lohan, though that may not be an endorsement.

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