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low price portable storage containers - fish47a - 18.02.2020

About Us  
As early as the beginning of the business, we put forward the "quality, integrity, truth-seeking, innovative" business purposes, in the development process, forming a good atmosphere is "Everyone has a goal, everyone has the responsibility, everyone heavy quality". We strictly in accordance with the national standard "GB/T5458 liquid nitrogen biological container" organization of production, to ensure that each product 100% of the qualified, and has achieved IS09001:2008 quality management system certification. We all employees with rigorous attitude, scientific management, so that products are exported to all over the world, exports to Thailand, Vietnam, North Korea, South Korea, Australia, Ukraine, Mexico and other places.
In recent years, we have launched the " Second-generation liquid nitrogen biological container TIANCHI ", the product has retained the original features of the original product, but also with the "economic and practical, simple and reliable, small amount of nitrogen," and so on. The product with its simple intrinsic quality, reasonable product price, timely and thoughtful after-sales service for the development of animal husbandry to make its own contribution.
Our History
●Stage 1: create and start In 2000-2002
In 2000, three years engaged in the research and development of liquid nitrogen container production engineering and technical personnel, use in one house, more than 10000 funds began, hard working, after two years of time, become a enterprise has more than eighty employees - henan tianchi, have a stable, reliable production capacity.
●Stage 2: stability and growth In 2002-2007
After five years of exploration and summary, the company gradually established a good corporate culture, corporate governance work completed, set up its own research and development team, It forms a competitive advantage for enterprises based on research and development.In more than 30 provinces and cities set up offices and service stations, began to expand overseas market at the same time, gradually become the nation's largest research and development of liquid nitrogen biological container manufacturing enterprises.
●Stage 3: professional innovation and international development. 2007 - so far.
The company continues to invest more in research and development.Stick to the professional path,In the product structure, the products of Animal B ultrasonic, ice machine and other related products are developed.Dozens of patents have been made.At the same time, At the same time, we will continue to expand the overseas market and combine r&d with marketing innovation, which has spread to more than 160 countries in 2013.low price portable storage containers